"David Carr remains on of the most highly regarded superiors I have ever reported to. His ability to see all sides of a situation, to think beyond the black and white, to reach and guide his reports towards beneficial directions for growth and to listen, rank him so high in my esteem for him. David Carr was never reluctant to speak up and debate change and was steadfast in finding good business sense, regardless of politics or manoeuvring. I learned a tremendous amount of good business sense while working for him and am very proud that we have remained friends through the years. I would recommend him above others as a man of integrity, dedication and fairness, as well as a positive and influential work ethic."

Joan Hagle

"I would have no hesitation in recommending David for any complex broadcast or management situation. There are very few people whom you come into contact with in the business worked who teach you a great deal and leave a lasting impression on you and the way you work in the future. David is one of those people. He is a superb senor manager who supports and develops his staff, really believing in them and allows them to develop, constantly challenging them in positive ways. His vast understanding of the broadcast industry is based on solid experience across the world and no complex situation is beyond his skills. He also knows when to add humour to a fast paced work place, always delivering P&L benefits whilst expanding the business opportunities and ensuring staff feel part of the success story."

Shaun Glanville